Drink wine. Plant trees.

Climate change caused by carbon emissions is the challenge of our generation.

Avoiding CO2 emissions altogether remains the gold standard and, although we're working hard to minimize it, we're not there yet. But we believe that our carbon is our responsibility! That's why we're committed to account for it by planting trees.

Trees filter carbon from the air and the revitalized soil helps bind carbon in the ground. We do our bit to help this process through our collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects. They work hard to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty by employing local villagers. For every 4 cans of TPSY we sell, Eden helps us plant one mangrove tree in Madagascar.

This is just the beginning, but so far, we have planted 3880 trees, and for every 4 cans you buy, we plant 1 more.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle.

There is no discussion: aluminium is more sustainable. How?

Aluminum is one of the few endlessly recyclable resources. This makes cans superior to single-use glass bottles typically used for wine. Producing new aluminum is expensive, while recycling it is cheap, which explains the material's high recycling rate.

Aluminium is lightweight, and the stackable form of cans makes packing and transporting them easy. We can get more cans in one shipment, further saving on the carbon emissions.

The only thing you have to do is to dump the can in the correct trash bin, so it can go back into the cycle.