Life’s too short for bad drinks.

That’s why TPSY is made with quality Riesling and Pinot Noir Rosé wines from family-owned vineyards in Rheingau.

TPSY is perfectly portable.

Because indulging in good wine shouldn’t be reserved for the dinner table.

TPSY lets you do you.

It’s perfect for when you want just one drink and don’t feel like opening a whole bottle.
Its sensible portion also means that after a few cans, it’s still you and not the wine that’s speaking.

TPSY is sustainable.

Cans are infinitely recyclable, easier to transport and cool faster. And we don’t stop here!

Because why the hell not?!

Basically, we took the fun of drinking wine and made it easy.


“I truly love the Rosé.”

“The Riesling Bubbles go down like a treat with a slice of pizza.”

“Crisp, light and refreshing (not to mention the adorable graphics).”

For the coolest of cool cats: The TPSY Tee.
Nothing says "Do Everything" like our signature TPSY Tee.

Wear TPSY.

TPSY is all about creative collaboration. Take a look at some cool things we’ve made together with our favourite artists and local workshops.

The TPSY Carry is a sturdy and good looking tote for every day
Bring your favourite wine to your next adventure in TPSY Carry.